Thursday, August 22, 2013

Homecoming Queen Is Almost Always A nice Girl

During the homecoming week, it is a just one long party for many people and almost everyone joins in. This is that one special time when students wear homecoming dress from get a lot of freedom and enjoy their time off to the fullest by participating in the many activities that are organized throughout the time.

Amongst the people who are selected as nominees, there is always that one girl who everyone likes and it becomes pretty obvious after a while that she is going to be crowned the homecoming queen and she usually does become the homecoming queen with pink homecoming 2013 dress mini. It is the same story no matter where you are from. So many people wonder (and most of them are girls) how a homecoming queen becomes a homecoming queen. What makes everyone vote for this person? What is so special about her?

Well, if you have voted for the winning homecoming queen yourself, you can ask that question to yourself quite easily. It is usually not one reason but a collection of reasons, which is why many would respond by saying that they voted because they simply 'liked' her the best. The answer is hidden behind 'why' you like the person. Homecoming queens are usually one of those people who are nice to whoever they meet, are very helpful to everyone and you can probably think of a time when that person helped you.
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